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Présentation Attik dance

We use dance as a tool to inspire people, bring topics to life, increase community engagement and improve health and well-being. We have three main strands of work, Education, Professional development & Community.

We mean different things to different people and as we tailor our projects to the needs of the participants so no two projects are ever the same.

We use our creativity to develop new ideas and look at challenges in different ways. We use our understanding of Creativity and the Creative Process to develop innovation, inspiration and aspiration in all with whom we work.

We are passionate about dance, the many guises it takes and what it can be used for. We want anyone who wants to engage with us to be able to, and we ensure equality of opportunity.

We aim to nurture every individual who engages with us at any level so that they have the tools and resources to develop their ideas and get what they want.

The Attik team consists of Benjamin Dunks as Artistic Director, Emma Hoare as General Manager, Clair Beckett as the Community Dance lead, Lauren Davey as Support Practitioner and Sophie Colthurst as Education Practitioner, a team that is focused and committed to using dance as a vehicle to inspire and enable creativity and learning.

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